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Leadership does not exist in a vacuum. It lives through the relationship between leaders and the people they lead. Passion and drive are crucial to enlivening the spirit of the workplace. Leadership drives our Associates' spirit - the life force and vital energy that excites them and helps maintain their enthusiasm for their work. Leaders have the power to set the tone for the organization. They have the responsibility to transform their areas of accountability, overcome resistance to change, create a new vision and mobilize commitment to it.

The key competencies are concerned with superior performance; they distinguish the best from the rest. From our extensive research within Willis and years of practical application, we know that people who display high levels of competency achieve significantly better than average results.

Change leadership. Superior performers see themselves as leaders. They provide inspiration, clarity and direction through a compelling vision of the future. They ensure that the people they lead work together and are provided with needed resources and motivational support. They measure their success through the success of others.

Developing others. Superior performers act on a genuine intent to foster and encourage the development and learning of others. They help individuals to act on their own initiative and to plan for their longer-term development.

Holding people accountable. Superior performers use their authority to set clear, consistent standards against which they review performance. They confront others openly and directly about performance issues.

Impact and influence. Superior performers persuade, convince, influence and impress others in order to gain support for their agenda. They plan how best to win support, gain cooperation, or overcome objections and barriers. They also identify the best tactics to suit specific situations in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Organization awareness. Superior performers understand the formal and informal relationships in Willis and other organizations. They identify the real decision makers and those individuals who can influence them, and predict how new events or situations will affect individuals and groups within the organization.

Strategic judgment. Superior performers work with a big picture perspective when addressing client and business needs. They focus on the unexpressed or future needs of internal and external clients. Superior performers use this understanding to create new products or services, or re-align the business to ensure commercial success.

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