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Our Approach to Development

We want people in our Company to aspire to greatness, to reach out to the limits of what they are capable of achieving, regardless of the professional path they have chosen. We therefore encourage our Associates to maximize their potential. We assist them to do this in a number of ways which include:

Performance Appraisal. As well as reviewing past performance and looking ahead to future objectives, every appraisal meeting in Willis focuses on development needs. The Associate and line manager explore ways and means of growing the individual's capability. These could range from some simple steps to improve current performance, through formal training programs, to accepting more challenging tasks and responsibilities within a team or through assignments, and ultimately through promotion to more demanding roles.

360-degree feedback. We have a well-designed online system, the Willis Benchmark, which allows Associates to nominate and gather feedback from a number of sources - themselves, their managers, direct reports, peers and even external respondents such as clients.

Development centers. These are run for groups of people to formally assess their current level of capability, so as to guide them in what aspects they need to develop most in order to advance their careers.

Coaching and modelling. We expect our more experienced people to use their experience to develop the people who work for and with them. This applies as much to professionals such as Client AdvocatesTM as it does to those in leadership roles. They demonstrate their highest level of capability to others and coach them through quality feedback and guidance.

Career frameworks. We are developing frameworks, each relevant to the business environment, job family and current level of responsibility of our Associates, which will allow them to understand "what it takes" - in terms of knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experience - to make the "journey" to which they aspire.

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